About us

We provide aid to the victims ,inside or outside Lithuania, of sexual abuse and / or various forms of human trafficking: prostitution, forced labour, street crime, fictitious marriage, exploitation for criminal activities.

We offer:

- help in crisis situation
- psychosocial help (safe shelter, material help, consultations of a social worker, a psychotherapist, a lawyer; acquisition of education or job skills)
- follow up in the community

Our main principles:

- confidentiality
- flexibility in organizing servises in a shelter and community
- quick reaction in crisis situation
- team approach
- cooperation with various services in community with the aim to make the integration of our clients working

Our help is free

The coordinator of the Project is Kristina Miđinienë,
Tel. 370 (37) 323300, 370 671 32147

The central office of our Project is:
Papilio str. 5, Kaunas
Caritas Lithuania

AB "Swedbank"
Account No.: LT07 7300 0101 2568 9426
Company code: 192066334

EEA Grants


Donata‘s story

When I was a three-month baby, my mother left me…

I spent my childhood at a foster home… I entered the school but there was constant shortage of money to continue with my studies... One guy, whom I knew, offered me to go to Spain for work in the summer… The job was to gather oranges and not difficult one, as he said, and I was to earn some money for my studies... But when we came, he told me 'forget your oranges, now you are a prostitute...'

Thus, I was sold… I cried and disagreed with it… then they would beat me, tie me to the bed and then rape me…

Rasa‘s story

I lived in the countryside with my mother, her boy friend and my brothers…

I was raped by my stepfather when I was thirteen years old… I told my mother about it but she didn’t believe… It hurt me so much… Three years later I left home for a school to become a dressmaker and I met my friend over there… she offered me to go to Germany to take a rest… I was very lucky because I had never been abroad before…

When we came to Germany, I was locked up in a room and told that, in the evening, a man would come and I would be doing whatever he liked me to…I cried and thought I was wishing to die… Tears were of no help to me, though, and I had to become a prostitute…